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Display Pcb - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual
Disconnect power from
the ID2000 and
remove batteries
Make sure you have
a PC back-up of the
configuration data

5.7 Display PCB

The Display PCB is located on the inner face of the main
chassis door. In the unlikely event that the Display PCB
becomes faulty and needs to be replaced, the front door
assembly, supplied as part of a kit (PN: 020-491-XXX)
needs to be replaced.
The manufacturer strongly recommends that BEFORE
attempting this procedure, and after isolation of
the mains supply and disconnection of the batteries, that
you remove the batteries from the back box until the
panel is ready for re-application of power.
Before starting, make sure you have a PC back-up
of the panel's current configuration data.
Ensure you take appropriate anti-static precautions
before undertaking this procedure.
With ALL power disconnected, follow the instructions
1 Using a suitable-sized coin, release the quarter-turn
fasteners (A) located at the left-hand side of the main
chassis front door (B). Open the door to gain access
to the main chassis' PCB enclosure (C).
2 At connector J2 (D) on the Processor PCB, disconnect
the 34-way ribbon cable (E) from the Display PCB
(F). Close the main chassis front door and secure
using the two fasteners.
3 Holding the top edge of the door, use a nutdriver to
loosen the three M4 x 6 hexagonal-headed screws
(G) located down the right-hand side of the main
chassis door. Remove the centre and lower screws
and with only the top screw securing the right-hand
side of the door, release the two quarter-turn fasteners
and support the door while you remove the last screw.
4 Remove the door assembly and store safely in an
anti-static bag.
5 With the replacement door assembly correctly
orientated - as shown at left - offer it to the main
chassis. Support the door while inserting one of the
three screws removed in step 3. Tighten it by hand
and then close the door and secure. Insert the
remaining two screws and, using a nutdriver, fully
tighten all three screws until secure.
6 Re-open the door and re-connect the 34-way ribbon
cable disconnected in step 2.
7 Re-fit the batteries.
8 Re-connect mains power and the batteries.
9 Close the door and secure using the two quarter-turn
10 Replace the front cover(s) and secure.
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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