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Loop Interface Pcb; 1Cables And Wiring - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual
Make sure you have
a PC back-up of the
configuration data
Disconnect power
from the ID2000
Series panel
Socket connector (see step 3)

5.10 Loop Interface PCB

The Loop Interface PCB (PN: 124-323) provides two additional
fire detection device loops. The Loop Interface PCB is located
within the main chassis PCB enclosure, adjacent to the Base
PCB. The PCB is secured in position using four metal spacers
and four Posi M3 SEM screws, which are provided in the
Loop Interface PCB Kit (PN: 020-588). For backward
compatibility the kit also contains three nylon snap-top spacers;
these are not used in this application.
To fit the Loop Interface PCB follow the instructions below.
Before starting, make sure you have a PC back-up
of the panel's current configuration data.
Ensure you take appropriate anti-static precautions
before undertaking this procedure.
With the front cover moulding(s) removed and power
disconnected, proceed as follows:
1 Using a suitable-sized coin, release the two quarter-turn
fasteners (A) located at the left-hand side of the main chassis
front door (B). Open the door to gain access to the main
chassis' PCB enclosure (C) containing the Base PCB (D).
2 If the location at which the Loop Interface PCB is to be
fitted is obstructed by a 3rd-layer PCB (future development),
remove the PCB to gain access to the mounting location.
3 Fit the four supplied hexagonal metal spacers (E) to
the Base PCB as follows: Insert one spacer in each
of the two holes either side and above socket
connector SK14, SK16 or SK17 (use the left-most
vacant position), then fit the remaining spacers in
each of the two holes directly above these spacers.
Tighten down fully using a 5.5mm Hex socket tool.
4 Observing anti-static precautions, remove the Loop Interface
PCB from its packaging. If, after inspection, no damage has
occurred in transit and with it correctly orientated, position it
so that its mounting holes (F) are directly above the spacers.
Secure the PCB to these spacers using the M3 x 8mm
SEM screws (G). If a 3rd-layer PCB is to be fitted or refitted
at this location, do not fit the screws to the left-hand spacers,
instead fit the spacers (H) supplied with the 3rd-layer PCB
and fit the 3rd-layer PCB in accordance with its instructions.
5 Make all necessary wiring and cabling connections
to the Loop Interface PCB - see details below.
6 If no other PCBs require fitting, close and secure the
main chassis front door, re-connect mains power and
the batteries and replace the front cover moulding(s).
7 To replace the Loop Interface PCB, first reverse the
above procedure, steps 4 to 6, and then fit the
replacement Loop Interface PCB using steps 4 to 6.
5.10.1 Cables and Wiring
8 Make the following cable and wiring connections to
the Loop Interface PCB:
Ribbon cable from socket SK3 to Base PCB socket
connector (see step 3).
ii Loop cable terminations at sockets SK4 (Loop A) and
SK2 (Loop B).
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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