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Base Pcb - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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Disconnect power
from the ID2000
Series panel
Make sure you have
a PC back-up of the
configuration data
Label cables before
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

5.8 Base PCB

The ID2000 Series Base PCB is located on the rear face
of the main chassis PCB enclosure. In the unlikely event
that the Base PCB becomes faulty and needs to be replaced
a replacement kit (PN: 020-568) is available. To replace
the Base PCB, the manufacturer recommends the removal
of the main chassis from the back box, as adequate space
is required for the Base PCB removal process.
Before starting, make sure you have a PC back-up
of the panel's current configuration data.
Ensure you take appropriate anti-static precautions
before undertaking this procedure.
1 Assuming the front cover moulding has been
2 Using a suitable-sized coin, release the two quarter-
3 At the Base PCB (D), disconnect all cable and wiring
4 Using a Posidriv screwdriver, loosen the four main
5 Remove any 3rd-layer PCB(s), if fitted - refer to the
6 Disconnect the short ribbon cable (H or J) to any 2nd-
Note: If fitted, make a note of the position of the Module
7 Remove the Processor PCB (K) from the main
8 Remove the Base PCB from the main chassis using
Note: Note the locations of the user-defined links as
9 Remove any nylon snap-top spacers (L) for re-use on the
2, 4
2, 4
removed, disconnect ALL power to the ID2000 Series
control panel - disconnect the batteries first and
isolate the mains supply input - before continuing.
Disconnect the power lead (A), and the battery
charger and thermistor leads (B), from either the PSU
module or the DTP/Booster module (not shown).
turn fasteners (C), and open the main chassis' hinged
door to access the main chassis PCB enclosure.
terminations (see Section 5.8.2, Cables and
Wiring). Close the hinged door and secure using the
quarter-turn fasteners.
chassis retaining screws (E). Remove the main chassis
(F) from the back box (G), and place on a clean work
surface with the front door uppermost. Open the front
door to gain access to the Base PCB (D).
appropriate installation section of the manual.
layer Module PCBs (if fitted) and remove the PCB(s)
- refer to Sections 5.11 and 5.12 - and place in an
anti-static bag. Keep safe until required for re-fitting.
PCBs for re-fitting.
chassis - refer to Section 5.9 for details. Store safely
in an anti-static bag until required for re-fitting.
a No. 1 Posidriv screwdriver to remove the seven
(7) M3 x 10 SEM screws from the Base PCB. Keep
safe until required for re-fitting.
indicated by the two black-filled boxes in the
Cables and Wiring drawing below.
replacement PCB and place the Base PCB in an anti-
static bag and keep safe until ready for dispatch.



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