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Installation Guide; How To Use This Guide; Related Documents; Warnings And Cautions - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual
WARNING High Voltage!
Take suitable precautions
to avoid electric shock.
EN54-2: 13.7
Maximum of 512
Sensors and/or
MCPs per system.
Magnetise the tip of your
screwdriver to help when
offering small screws to
holes in confined spaces.

Installation Guide

2.1 How to Use this Guide

This Installation Guide is intended to provide you with
simple guidelines on how to install an ID2000 Series fire
control panel or system, quickly and safely.
For each stage in the ID2000 Series panel installation
and commissioning procedures a brief description is given
of its purpose, complete with detail drawings, flow
diagrams and/or other graphics to make the instructions
easy to follow. Where required, procedures may be broken
down into one or more related flow diagrams, the number
being dependent upon the complexity of the defined task.

2.1.1 Related Documents

The guide does not describe any of the panel
programming or operating stages, as these are covered
by other related manuals. For more information refer to:
ID2000 Series Operating Manual (ref. 997-434-XXX)
ID2000 Series Panel Configuration Manual
(ref. 997-435-XXX)
ID2000 Series Off-line Configuration Manual
(ref. 997-436-XXX)

2.1.2 Warnings and Cautions

Where appropriate, this guide and the remainder of the
manual include advisory warnings and cautions to remind
you to consider safety at all times, especially when
following the procedures described in this manual.
You are alerted to any areas where high voltage [i.e.
non-Safety Extra-low Voltage (SELV)] is present, or
where there may be a risk of damage to static-sensitive
devices if the recommended procedures described in
this manual are not followed. An example of a high
voltage warning and anti-static caution is provided to the
left of this paragraph.
The ID2000 Series control panel has many powerful built-
in features which, if used inappropriately, may contravene
the requirements of EN54. Where there is a possibility
of such an occurence, a suitable warning is given with
brief details of the EN54 requirement. A typical EN54
non-compliance warning is illustrated at left.

2.1.3 Tips

'Handy tips' are included, where appropriate, to assist
you in following quick and safe procedures for fire
detection system installation and integration.
Look for the 'TIP!' icon and supporting text, typically
illustrated at left.
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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