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Cabling; Cabling Instructions - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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WARNING Risk of electric
shock. Before working on
mains connections, ensure
mains power supply to the
panel is disconnected.
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual


3.1 Cabling Instructions

All wiring should comply with current IEE wiring
regulations, (BS7671), or the applicable local wiring
regulations. Note also the requirements of EN 54-14 for
cabling and interconnection of a fire detection and alarm
For information on wiring inputs and outputs refer to the
appropriate module cable and wiring instructions to
identify the terminals. Refer also to Section 8.4
Commissioning, External Wiring for detailed
Use the following rules when installing cables:
1 Cables should be brought into the cabinet through
2 Tails should be of sufficient length to connect to the
3 Cables should be screened and should be terminated
4 The supply to the panel must be provided with a
5 The knockouts on the extreme right-hand side and
General cable installation notes are given in Section 3.2,
Cable Installation Notes.
Earth Blade Connections
Note: All blade connections to earth incorporate a locking
the 20mm knockouts provided on the top or top-back
face of the back box. Ensure that all openings in the
back box are closed before connecting power to the
panel. For example if more knockouts than required
have been removed, then block the holes with
blanking glands. This is to prevent access to
hazardous voltages.
appropriate termination points at the commissioning
in appropriate glands to meet local wiring codes and
to preserve the integrity of the screen connection.
The cable screen is to be clamped inside the cable
gland, which must be fitted to ensure a 360
formed with the metal of the back box.
suitable and readily accessible double-pole mains
disconnect device. The mains supply must be suitably
fused and rated according to the specifications (see
Appendix 2, Specifications).
those provided on the bottom of the back box should
be used for mains cable entry. DO NOT bring mains
cables through any other knockouts and ensure that
the mains wiring is always separated from the low
voltage wiring. Tails of mains cables should be
provided with suitable additional sleeving before
connecting to the mains terminal block. All low voltage
cables should have a minimum 300Vac rating.
barb. To make a connection, push the shrouded
receptacle on to the earth blade (1). To remove
this connection, pull the shroud (2), NOT the earth
bond is



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