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Prn-Id Printer; Fitting The Paper Roll - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

5.6 PRN-ID Printer

The printer is supplied one of two ways:
a. For panels with more than 16 zonal LEDs, the printer
b. For panels with 16 zonal LEDs only, the extension

5.6.1 Fitting the Paper Roll

It is recommended that the thermal paper roll is fitted
when the printer is in situ and powered up. The paper
MUST be the right way round - see drawing at left. The
printer will automatically try to take up the end of the
paper roll once it has been inserted into the paper entry
slot (located on the underside of the printer mechanism).
To ensure correct alignment of the paper as it exits the
printer, after fitting, adjustment can be made using the
control located on the left-hand side of the printer:
To fit the thermal paper roll, proceed as follows:
1 Make sure the panel is powered up and the batteries
2 With the paper (M) orientated as shown at left, offer
Note: If the printer has a problem with taking up the
3 Support the paper roll and insert the spindle (O),
4 Gently push the paper roll into the slot, then pull it
first has to be fitted to the extension chassis (refer to
installation instructions 997-452, supplied with the
printer) and then the combined assembly secured to
the back box.
chassis is supplied with the printer already fitted. Refer
to installation instructions 997-224 and 997-452,
supplied with the extension chassis.
are connected.
the end of the roll to the paper entry slot on the
underside of the printer mechanism (N) - the printer
will automatically try to take up the paper.
paper, you may need to feed the paper manually.
Manual feed is achieved by repeatedly pressing
the '
' pushbutton at the panel controls (while
panel status is normal).
orientated as shown, until it protrudes from both ends
of the roll in approximately equal lengths.
forward to check that the spindle (O) has engaged in
the notch (P). After the paper roll/spindle assembly
is in position, gently turn the roll to take up any slack
in the paper.
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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