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Access Level - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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CheckPoint 3

Access level

When device is switched on (after power off ) it is locked in User access level. User access only
gives access to a limited number of functions and does not allow for parameter set-up.
To obtain full access you have to change the device to Supervisor access level.
To do so select
Access level from the
Enter PIN code to open a touch screen keyboard and enter the pin code for
Supervisor access level. From the factory the pin code is set to "0000".
The Supervisor pin code can be changed to one of your own selection - see
code" on page 63
for details.
For best safety and correct operation of device, you can easily return the device to User level
access to restrict access to extended menu items. To do so either tap
in the
Access level screen or power the device off and on.
User Guide
"Supervisor PIN
Restore User access
P/N 340486-B

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