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Performing A Measurement - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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CheckPoint 3

Performing a measurement

1. Select appropriate product - see
2. Place a septum
leak-free gas extraction and thus accurate measuring.
NOTE! When placing a septum on a package you should avoid seams and areas
with labels and adhesives.
3. Penetrate the septum
package through the tip.
CAUTION! Make sure that the needle does not touch the product, fluid or
anything else in the package, as this could soil the needle, hose or filter.
If this happens, the needle, hose and filter must be cleaned or replaced to avoid
destroying sensors or other items inside the device.
4. Press the
button to start the measurement.
5. When measuring finishes, the result is shown on the screen.
If any alarm limits have been defined, the results are shown in different colours - see
Measuring screen" on page 18
"Selecting a product for measuring" on page
on the product/package
with the needle
for details.
to be measured/analysed. This ensures
so that the gas can be sucked in from the
User Guide
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