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Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual page 45

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CheckPoint 3
Replacing the hose
To replace the hose, do the following:
1. Push downwards on the sleeve
out of the connector.
2. Insert the new hose by pushing it as far as possible into the connector. Check for proper
connection by pulling the hose slightly upwards.
CAUTION! The hose is soft and can be difficult to mount properly, so even
though it can not be pulled out, it does not mean that it is pressed correctly and
completely into the connector. Therefore we recommend that you perform the
test as described below.
Check hose tightness
1. Remove the needle but keep the filter in place.
2. Go to Diagnostics -> Test measurement.
3. Read the values for P1 pressure and P2 pressure. These values shows the current
atmospheric pressure (about 1000 mbar) and should be very close to each other.
4. Block the filter with your thumb and press the
5. Check that the values for P1 pressure and P2 pressure are more that 250 mbar lower
than the atmospheric pressure (300 mbar for a new pump) - in this case lower than 750
If this is not the case, the hose is not mounted correctly.
All of the parts can be ordered (and replaced) separately or as a complete kit.
"Consumable parts and options" on page
to release the hose
button to start a test measurement.
User Guide
, then pull the hose upwards and
P/N 340486-B

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