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The export/import functions are only available in the WebGUI.
From here you are able to export and import products, users, measurement data, log data,
and device settings. All files are saved as semicolon separated CSV files.
NOTE! We recommend that you set up your browser to ask where you want to save
export files, as this will give you better control over where these files are stored as
well as their filenames.
When using the "Export" functions the application proposes a file name containing
information about the content, the date and time, and the device serial no.:
<content>_<date>_<time>_<serial no>.csv
Individual data log file names contain information about the specific product as well:
<content>_<product name>_<date>_<time>_<serial no>.csv
Pressing Export individual data collections will take you to the
Data log screen, where you can select the specific product for which you want export the
logged data.
NOTE! Using any of the "Import" functions will delete/replace existing data from
the device.
P/N 340486-B
CheckPoint 3
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