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Charging And Monitoring The Battery - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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User Guide
Power saving
(Premium models only)
To save battery, the device has a 2-step power saving function:
1. After a certain time of inactivity, the device switches into power save mode by reducing
the display's back light intensity.
2. After a certain time of inactivity in power save mode as described above, the device
automatically switches off.
To "wake up" the device when in power save mode, simply touch the screen or press the
Power save settings are described in

Charging and monitoring the battery

WARNING! For important safety information about the internal, rechargeable
lithium-ion battery and charging of the device, see
instructions" on page
The battery icon in the upper right corner of the measuring screen shows the actual battery
level or charging status:
When you attempt to switch device on while battery level is below 5%, the following screen
In this case you will need to charge the device.
P/N 340486-B
NOTE! If device's Wi-Fi module is switched on, the network activity will prevent
the device from switching off, even though the set time runs out.
Battery level 15 - 100%
Battery level below 15% - recharging required.
The device may power off at any time.
Battery charging. Charging level is indicated as described above.
"Power save" on page
"Safety and handling
CheckPoint 3

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