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Using The Webgui - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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User Guide

Using the WebGUI

Once you have established a proper connection as described in
28, you can start the application.
NOTE! The device's current "Power save" settings have a great influence on the
network connection, as this will be interrupted if the device turns off.
This does not happen if the device is connected to the PC with the USB cable. In
this case the device may enter the "sleep" mode where display turns off, but the
network connection is maintained.
In general, the WebGUI functions work like the corresponding functions on the device, and
reference is therefore made to the descriptions of these functions. The WebGUI has, however,
some additional functions, which will be described in the following.
Logging in
If User Login required or Login with User ID is selected, you will be prompted to either
select a user from the user list or to enter a valid user ID.
The top bar shows current date and time, the device ID and the current network name and
battery status.
If changes are made, either on the device or on the WebGUI, the
(where available) is used to synchronize these with each other.
P/N 340486-B
"Network connection" on page
CheckPoint 3
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