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CheckPoint 3
The graph bar colours indicate the following:
The measurement is within limits.
The measurement is outside limits.
The measurement has been marked as invalid by user or an error occurred
while measuring.
The measurement has been performed, even though sensor calibration
interval has been exceeded.
A small arrow (
too high or too low to be displayed within the specified range of the current chart.
Page 2 and 3 show the logged data in list form, with the latest entry on top.
The list provides the following information:
The measurement has been marked as invalid by user or an error occured while
Coloured markers indicate the overall status of the measurements.
Priority is Yellow -> Grey -> Red -> Green, where Yellow has the highest priority.
Measured O
value is equal to or above the upper alarm limit setting.
Measured CO
Sensor needs to be calibrated.
When scrolling from page 1 to page 2 (or 3) the rightmost entry from the graphs on page 1
will be shown on top on page 2 (and 3).
When scrolling up and down through the list on page 2 (or 3) and then back to page 1, the
entry currently on top on page 2 (or 3) will be the rightmost entry on the graphs on page 1.
Scrolling through measurements jumps 50 logs at a time on page 1, so if you want to display a
specific range of measurements, we recommend that you scroll to display the required range
here and then change to page 2 (or 3) to examine the data.
The logged data can be exported - see
General data logging parameters are set in
for details.
) on the top of the graph indicates that the measured value is either
value is equal to or below the lower alarm limit setting.
"Export/Import" on page 40
for details.
Data log from the
Setup menu - see
User Guide
page 57
P/N 340486-B

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Table of Contents