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Power Save - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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User Guide

Power save

setup parameters for the device's power save function.
Restore defaults
O2 sensor power time
Dim display after
Dim display time
To "wake up" the device when in power save mode, simply touch the screen or press the
P/N 340486-B
Power save from the
Setup menu will display a screen showing the various
Resets the settings of the 3 power save parameters below to the
factory settings.
Set the time for which the O
after the device has been switched on or after a measurement
has been performed (0 - 999 s.).
Set the time of device inactivity after which the display switches
into power save mode by reducing the display's back light
intensity (10 - 999 s.).
Set the time of device inactivity in power save mode as
described above until device automatically switches off
(10 - 999 s.).
NOTE! If device's Wi-Fi module is switched on and
there is network activity, this will prevent the device
from switching off, even though the set time runs out.
NOTE! If device is connected to a PC via the USB cable,
it does not automatically switch off, but display turns
If the cable connection is interrupted while the device
display is off, the unit will switch off immediately.
sensor remains heated and ready
CheckPoint 3

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Table of Contents