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Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual page 23

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CheckPoint 3
Battery charging
1. Assemble the power supply
compatibility details.
Fit the plug onto the connector and then turn it 1/4 of a turn clockwise to lock it (see
2. Connect the cable
the device.
CAUTION! Make sure that the cable plug matches the orientation of the
3. Connect the power supply to the main power outlet
4. When charging, if the device is switched on and showing the measuring screen, the
battery indicator in the upper right corner of the display will show the charging progress.
NOTE! You can also charge the battery by connecting the device to a USB 2.0 or 3.0
port on your computer using the cable
the PC delivers so little power, the charging time can be up to 3 times longer than
when using the supplied power supply
charge, if device is used for measuring while charging or if the computer is turned
off or in sleep or standby mode.
with the appropriate plug
between the power supply
- see
page 11
and the connector
, but you should be aware that because
, and the battery may drain instead of
User Guide
for plug
P/N 340486-B

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