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Typing - Mocon CheckPoint 3 User Manual

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CheckPoint 3
Setting up of products and various device settings involves the following parameter types:
Parameter type


An onscreen keyboard lets you enter text when needed.
For example, when creating a new product, selecting the Product name parameter brings up
the onscreen keyboard, where you tap keys to type.
To switch between numbers, upper- and lowercase characters, special characters, or symbols,
tap the keyboard selection key to the left of the OK key. Please note that e.g. PIN code typing
only offers a numerical keyboard.
All typing keys except for the number keys holds 2 or more symbols or characters. Tap the
respective key repeatedly until the required character appears.
key deletes the character to left of the cursor, the and
left or right respectively, and the
end of the text respectively.
Tapping the OK key confirms the input and exits the keyboard, while tapping the
discard the entered text and exit the keyboard.
Tap item to...
Edit parameter. An onscreen keyboard appears for input of
text and/or numbers - see
Toggle between options (e.g. 12h/24h)
Enable/disable function (Check/Uncheck)
keys make the cursor jump to the beginning or
User Guide
"Typing" on page 15
for details.
keys move the cursor to the
P/N 340486-B
key will

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