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Firewall Local Log; Figure 12 - Firewall Web Filtering Page; Figure 13 - Firewall Local Log Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG6582 User Manual

Svg6x82 series wireless voice gateway


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Protecting Your Wireless Network

Firewall Local Log

You can set up email to enable automatic email alerts. The Local Event Log can send out firewall attack
reports in two ways:
Individual emails are sent out automatically each time the firewall is under attack
A local log is stored within the gateway and displayed in table form on the Local Log page
Individual emails will now be sent to the specified address each time an attack is detected.
To open the Firewall Local Log page:
1. Click Firewall on the SVG6x82 Menu Options bar.
2. Click Local Log from the Status submenu options.
3. Enter your email address for the Contact Email Address field.
4. Enter the SMTP email account, user name, and password in the next fields.
Note: The Outgoing) mail server address is provided b your service provider.
5. Select Enable checkbox if you want to receive firewall email alerts, and then click Apply.
6. Click E-mail Log to send a summary of the Event Log Table to the contact specified contact email
7. Click Clear Log to clear the table.
SVG6x82 Series Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide
Figure 12 – Firewall Web Filtering Page
Figure 13 – Firewall Local Log Page

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