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Setting Clip Flags With Switches; Setting The Thumbnail Image At Recording Time; Starting A Shoot With A Few Seconds Of Pre-stored Picture Data (picture Cache Function) - Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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"ShotMark1" or "ShotMark2" appears in the
viewfinder screen for about one second near the
timecode display.
recording function has been assigned to one of the
ASSIGN 1/3/4 switches or COLOR TEMP.
button, you can also use that switch to record a
SHOT MARK 1 or SHOT MARK 2 essence
On how to assign functions to the ASSIGN switches,
see page 204.
If you connect a Windows USB keyboard to the
USB connector, you can record shot marks from
Shot Mark0 up to Shot Mark9 by pressing the 0 to
9 keys on the numeric keypad.

Setting clip flags with switches

You can set three types of clip flags (OK/NG/
KEEP) during recording, immediately after
recording, or during playback. Setting these flags
in each clip that you record makes it easy for
editors and other colleagues to find and select the
clips they need.
You can use switches on the unit to set these
flags. But before you can do so, you need to
assign the corresponding flag functions to the
ASSIGN 1/3/4 switches, the COLOR TEMP.
button, or the RET button on the lens (see page
To set a clip flag
During recording, immediately after recording, or
during playback (including search and still
picture playback), press the button to which the
flag function has been assigned. Press the button
once at the position where you want to set the
The specified flag is set, and "*** ClpFlg" (***:
OK, NG, or KEEP) appears near the timecode
display in the viewfinder for about three seconds.
To clear a clip flag
During recording or playback, press the button to
which the flag function has been assigned. Press
the button twice in rapid succession.
The flag is cleared, and "ClpFlg DEL." appears
for about three seconds.
You can also set and clear clip flags from a GUI
screen. For details, see "Setting clip flags"
(page 119).
Advanced Operations for Shooting
Setting the thumbnail image at
recording time
When you record a clip, you can specify which
frame to use as the clip thumbnail image (see
page 100).
(The factory default setting is to use the first
frame in the clip as the thumbnail.)
For example, if all clips have the same image in
their first frames, you can specify a frame a few
seconds after the start of the clip, so that all
thumbnails will not show the same image.
(How to select an item in the menu screen: Turn
the MENU knob to move b to the desired item.)
Display the ESSENCE MARK page of
the MAINTENANCE menu, and press
the MENU knob.
For details on menu operations, see "Basic
menu operations" on page 189.
Select INDEX PIC POS, and press the
MENU knob.
Turn the MENU knob to select the
desired time.
Press the MENU knob.
Starting a shoot with a few
seconds of pre-stored picture data
(Picture Cache function)
The camcorder has a large capacity internal
memory, in which you can cache the last few
seconds (maximum 30 seconds) of captured
video and audio, so that recording starts from a
point just before you press the REC START
button or the VTR button on the lens.
Picture Cache settings cannot be made while this unit is
in the following states.
• The Clip Continuous Rec function is enabled.
• The Live Logging function is set to Live View mode.
Setting the Picture Cache mode/Picture
Cache time
To record in Picture Cache mode, you need to
turn on Picture Cache mode and set the picture


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