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Playing Back The Recorded Clip - Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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• It is not possible to record a clip shorter than 2 seconds.
If you stop recording within 2 seconds of starting, this
results in a 2-second clip.
If you stop recording and restart within 2 seconds of
the original start, this creates a single continuous clip
from the original start time.
• The maximum number of clips that can be recorded on
a single disc is 300. If an attempt is made to record
more than 300 clips, the error message "MAX # Clips"
appears, even if there is free capacity on the disc.
Playback control buttons
During recording, the playback control buttons
PAUSE, STOP) have no effect.

Playing back the recorded clip

Normal playback
By pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button, you can
review any length of recording on the viewfinder
screen in black and white or in color on the LCD
monitor. There are two other ways to review the
Recording review: You can view the last two
seconds of the recording on the viewfinder
screen in black and white or in color on the
LCD monitor.
Viewing color playback on a video monitor:
You can view the recording in color on a
color video monitor without the need for any
external adaptor.
You can also view playback video during a fast
forward or reverse search.
For details about the switches and controls used to
select the audio output signal and to adjust the audio
level, see page 15 and page 22.
To freeze a picture during playback
The following operation can also be done from
the RM-B170/B750 Remote Control Unit.
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to start
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button again at
the instant when you want to freeze the
The playback pauses and a frozen picture
The timecode of the frozen frame is
displayed in the counter display and the
PLAY/PAUSE indicator now flashes (one
To restart playback
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button once again.
Clip playback modes
You can set the clip playback mode to either of
the following.
Continuous playback mode: The playback
target is all of the clips on the disc (factory
default setting)
Single clip playback mode: The playback target
is the currently selected clip only
To select single clip playback mode
1 page of the MAINTENANCE menu to "ON".
Playback in single clip playback mode
Playback stops when it reaches the start or end of
the clip. The next and preceding clips are not
played, even if they exist on the disc. The
available playback types include normal
playback, and high-speed playback in the forward
or reverse directions.
To move to another clip, press the PREV, NEXT,
F REV + PREV, or F FWD + NEXT button, or
perform a thumbnail search.
Disc playback start position
Although this unit uses optical discs, it is
designed to offer the most convenient features of
tape playback by VTRs. One of these is the
playback start position, which works in the same
way as with tape, as described below.
After playback stop
The unit stops at the position where the STOP
button was pressed.
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to resume
playback at the stop position.
After recording
The unit stops at the position where recording
To play back a clip, press the PREV button to
move to the start frame of any clip, or press the
F REV button to move to any position.
After disc insertion
The unit stops at the position of the disc when it
was most recently ejected.
Basic Procedure for Shooting


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