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Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual Page 70

Professional disc camcorder.
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This operation synchronizes the internal
timecode generator with the external
timecode. After about 10 seconds, you can
disconnect the external timecode without
losing the synchronization. However, there
will be noise on the recorded image if you
connect or disconnect the timecode signal
during recording.
• When you finish the above procedure, the internal
timecode is immediately synchronized with the
external timecode and the counter display will show
the value of the external timecode. However, wait for
a few seconds until the sync generator stabilizes before
• If the frequency of the reference video signal is not the
same as the system frequency of the camcorder, the
camera cannot be correctly genlocked. In such a case,
the internal timecode is not correctly synchronized
with the external timecode.
• When the GENLOCK ON/OFF item is set to OFF on
the GENLOCK page of the MAINTENANCE menu,
the timecode cannot be synchronized with the
reference video signal. In this case, set the GENLOCK
item to ON on the GENLOCK page of the
User bit settings during timecode
When the timecode is synchronized, only the time
data is synchronized with the external timecode
value. Therefore, each camcorder can have its
own user bit settings.
You can lock the users bits of this camcorder to
the user bits of external timecode by setting EXT-
LK UBIT in the TIMECODE page of the
To release the timecode synchronization
First disconnect the external timecode, then set
the F-RUN/SET/R-RUN switch to R-RUN.
To change the power supply from the battery
pack to an external power supply during
timecode synchronization
To maintain a continuous power supply, connect
the external power supply to the DC IN connector
before removing the battery pack. You may lose
timecode synchronization if you remove the
battery pack first.
Camera synchronization during timecode
During timecode synchronization, the camera is
genlocked to the reference video signal input
from the GENLOCK IN connector.
Setting the Time Data


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