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Deleting The Recorded Clip; Using The Freeze Mix Function - Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to resume
playback at the most recent position.
The playback position is saved to the disc when
the disc is ejected, which allows playback to start
at that position whenever it is loaded into any
XDCAM player.
The playback position is not recorded to the disc if the
disc is write-protected.
Deteriorating playback conditions
Deteriorating playback may be due to the
following causes.
• Scratches and dust on the disc surface
This includes fingerprints, dust from the air, tar
from cigarette smoke, and so on.
Scratches and soiling which occur before
recording are not a problem because they are
registered in advance as defects, and recording
avoids them. However, scratches and soiling
which occur after recording can lead to
deteriorating playback conditions.
• Aging of disc recording layers
Over several decades, the recording layers of
optical discs can age and cause deteriorating
playback conditions.
• Deteriorating laser diodes performance
The performance of the laser diodes used in
optical heads can worsen with age, leading to
deteriorating playback conditions.
Refer to the Maintenance Manual for an
approximate guide to when it is time to replace
optical heads.
To prevent playback conditions from
Pay attention to the following points when
handling discs.
• Do not open disc cartridges and touch discs
directly with your hands.
• Do not store for long periods in locations which
are dusty or exposed to air circulated by fans.
• Do not store for long periods under high
temperatures or in locations exposed to direct
If playback conditions have deteriorated
Read errors occur when playback conditions
continue to deteriorate.
When a read error occurs, the message "DISC
ERROR!" appears, the video freezes, and the
audio output is suppressed.
Basic Procedure for Shooting
If this happens, check the following points.
Whether the disc displays the same playback
condition on other XDCAM devices: If so,
the surface of the disc may be dirty or
scratched, or the performance of the
recording layers on the disc may have
worsened due to age. Do not use discs with
these symptoms.
Whether every disc inserted into an XDCAM
device displays the same playback
conditions: If so, the performance of the
laser diodes may have deteriorated. Check
the total optical output time.

Deleting the recorded clip

For details, see "Deleting clips" on page 120.

Using the Freeze Mix function

The Freeze Mix function allows you to display a
freeze image over the current shooting video. For
example, you can use this function to frame
summer and winter shots of a landscape scene in
exactly the same way, or to resume an interrupted
shooting session with exactly the same framing.
To use the Freeze Mix function, you need to
assign it to an ASSIGN 1/3/4 switch or to the
COLOR TEMP. button.
For details, see "Assigning functions to ASSIGN
switches" (page 204)
Play the disc that contains the scene you
want to use as the framing standard.
When the scene that you want appears,
press the PLAY/PAUSE button to
pause playback.
Press the button to which you have
assigned the Freeze Mix function.
The playback screen changes to black and
white, and a freeze image appears over the
current shooting video.
To change the standard image
Use the PLAY/PAUSE button, the F REV
and F FWD buttons and other controls to find
another image, and repeat step
Align the framing of the playback
image and the shooting video.


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