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Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual Page 146

Professional disc camcorder.
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monitor to monitor the waveforms output by the
camera. Support of a video engineer is usually
required to use this menu. Although you can also
use an external remote control unit to set the items
on this menu, this menu is effective when using
the camcorder by itself outdoors.
This menu contains items for making settings for
audio, timecode, essence marks, and battery.
FILE menu
This menu is for saving the adjusted data in the
camcorder memory or in a "Memory Stick". The
following files can be saved.
User files
User files save the setting items and setting data
of customized USER menus. You can save up to
100 user files in a "Memory Stick". Once you
save a user file in a "Memory Stick", you can
easily set the USER menu to your preference by
loading the file.
For details on user files, see "Saving and Recalling
User Files" on page 215.
ALL files
ALL files save the setting data of all of the menus.
You can save up to 100 ALL files in a "Memory
Once a camcorder is set up according to your
preferences and you save an ALL file in a
"Memory Stick", you can easily set other
camcorders to those settings by loading the data
from the "Memory Stick".
Device specific data (output levels and shading that
requires adjustment for the specific device) is not saved.
Scene files
In the scene file, the setting values of PAINT
menu items set to shoot a particular scene are
saved. You can save up to five scene files in the
camcorder memory and up to 100 scene files in a
"Memory Stick". For example, first adjust the
settings to shoot a rehearsal of a particular scene
and then save them as a scene file. Then load that
file before the actual shooting so that you can
quickly recreate setup conditions of the rehearsal.
Reference files
Reference files save the reference values that are
set when STANDARD is executed in the SCENE
Menu Organization
FILE page of the PAINT menu. You can save one
reference file in the internal memory of the unit
and one in a "Memory Stick".
Lens files
Lens files save the setting data used to
compensate for the characteristics of lenses, such
as flare, white shading, and auto iris gain. You
can save up to 32 lens files in the internal memory
of the unit and up to 100 lens files in a "Memory
This menu shows the digital hours meter, the
ROM version, and information about the internal
device status of the camcorder.


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