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Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual Page 10

Professional disc camcorder.
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enable selection of HD SDI/SD SDI or
composite signals. SD signals can be
upconverted and recorded as HD signals.
• Gen-lock input connector: Enables
synchronized operation of multiple units, with
synchronization possible to either VBS or HD-
Y signals.
• Audio input connectors: Supports AES/EBU
signal input, in addition to microphone input,
+48 V microphone input, and line input.
• Timecode input and output connectors
• Network connector and i.LINK connector:
Enable transfer of MXF-format files.
• USB connector: Enables use of a Windows
USB keyboard or mouse. You can also connect
a USB flash drive to record proxy data or load
planning metadata, or connect the optional
CBK-WA01 Wi-Fi adapter to connect to a
wireless LAN network.
Features for improved performance
under various shooting conditions
Picture Cache function
The unit can utilize its internal memory to
continuously record the current video input,
allowing recording to commence a certain time (2
to 30 seconds) in advance of the time when the
recording button is pressed, and allowing discs to
be exchanged seamlessly without interrupting the
Color temperature filters
Color temperature filters are composed of
electronic circuits, allowing smooth and
instantaneous switching – an important advantage
in ENG (Electronic News Gathering) – and linked
operation with ND filters. Dedicated switches are
provided to enable rapid switching between color
temperature filters, and absolute color
temperature settings can be recalled instantly
without being effected by white balance settings.
Noise suppression circuits
New noise suppression circuits offer improved
performance under difficult evening or nighttime
shooting conditions.
Slow shutter function
A maximum of 16 frames can be accumulated
using the slow shutter function. In low light levels
this allows clear and noiseless video to be shot,
and provides a fantasy video effect with ghost
Time lapse function (interval recording)
Using this function slow-moving subjects can be
shot with the movement compressed in time. This
is convenient for many applications, such as
monitoring plant growth, or the progress of a
construction site.
Freeze Mix function
This allows a still image from previously
captured video to be aligned with the current
video output from the camera. Thus you can
adjust the camera position to get exactly the same
framing for new shots. For example, this function
makes it easy to frame summer and winter shots
of a landscape scene in exactly the same way.
Digital extender function
This magnifies the center section of the video. It
utilizes electronic processing, which prevents the
decrease in sensitivity (F-drop) that occurs when
the lens extender function is used.
Focus magnification function
This magnifies the center section of the
viewfinder by a factor of about two. It enables
highly precise focus adjustments in HD shooting.
Assignable switches
Frequently used function can be assigned to
switches for quick and convenient operation.
Hyper gamma
This enables a wide dynamic range without using
the Knee function, by smoothly compressing the
high-luminance range.
Supports digital wireless microphone
The digital wireless microphone system offers
high-quality, superior resistance to noise, and
simultaneous multi-channel operation.
Installation of the DWR-S01D Digital Wireless
enables simultaneous reception of two
1) These products are not available in countries where
they are prohibited by radio frequency regulations.
3.5-inch color LCD monitor
The 3.5-inch color LCD monitor displays easy-
to-read audio meters, menus, disc and battery
capacity indications, and thumbnails of clips
stored on disc.


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