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Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual Page 241

Professional disc camcorder.
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Check each of the following operations.
• The menu is displayed on the viewfinder
• Turn the MENU knob and check that the
menu page changes to the next page.
• Press the MENU knob and check that
settings of each item of the selected page
are displayed.
• Turn the MENU knob and check that b
moves within the page.
• Press the MENU knob and check that b
placed before the item changes to z and z
placed before the setting of the item
changes to ?.
• Turn the MENU knob and check that the
setting of the selected item changes.
Set the OUTPUT/DCC switch to CAM,
and change the FILTER selector
position in the sequence of 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Check that the FILTER indicator on the
viewfinder screen displays the correct
Carry out of the following operations,
and check that the ! indicator lights if
the corresponding item has been turned
on on the '!' LED page of the USER
• Set the gain to anything but 0 dB by using
the GAIN selector and the GAIN SW page
of the OPERATION menu.
• Set the SHUTTER selector to ON.
• Set the WHITE BAL switch to PRST.
• Use the lens extender.
• Set the reference value of the auto iris to
other than the standard value.
Flick the SHUTTER selector from ON
to SELECT repeatedly, and check that
the shutter setting changes on the
viewfinder screen.
Pointing the camera at a suitable
subject, focus the camera and check the
picture on the viewfinder screen.
Set both of the AUDIO IN switches to
FRONT, and check that when sound is
input to a microphone connected to the
MIC IN connector on the front of the
camcorder, the audio level indicators
appear on the viewfinder screen.
Check that setting the ZEBRA switch to
ON and OFF makes the zebra pattern
appear and disappear on the viewfinder
The results of checking in steps 3 to 9 may not be as
expected, depending on the settings relating to the
viewfinder display function. In this case, set the desired
items on the VF DISP 1 and VF DISP 2 pages of the
USER menu.
For details, see "Selecting the display items" on
page 197.
Testing the iris and zoom functions
Set the zoom to automatic zoom mode
and check that the power zoom operates
Set the zoom to manual zoom mode and
check the zoom functions manually.
Set the iris switch on the lens to AUTO
and point the camera at objects of
different brightness. Check that the
automatic iris adjustment operates
Set the iris switch on the lens to
MANUAL and check that turning the
iris ring manually adjusts the iris
Set the iris switch on the lens back to
AUTO and check the following points
when the GAIN selector is moved from
L to M to H.
• Even when the brightness of the object
does not change, the iris is automatically
adjusted in accordance with the change in
the gain setting..
• The gain indicator on the viewfinder screen
changes to correspond to the change in
Testing the Camcorder before Shooting


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