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Exchanging Discs While Recording (disc Exchange Cache Function) - Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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While recording in Manual Interval Rec
mode, the TALLY (green tally) indicator in
the viewfinder flashes (2 or 4 flashes/second)
and the message "MANU INTERVAL (*
SEC) * FRAME" flashes on the viewfinder
To exit Manual Interval Rec mode
Do one of the following.
• In the single shot mode, press the EJECT
• In the consecutive mode, press the REC START
button or the lens VTR button to stop recording.
• Set the POWER switch to OFF.
After the camcorder has exited from Manual
Interval Rec mode, it records picture data stored
in memory to the disc.
Exchanging discs while recording
(Disc Exchange Cache function)
Even if you run out of free disc capacity while
recording, you can continue recording by using
the Disc Exchange Cache function. This function
enables seamless recording over extended
recording sessions, too long to fit on one disc, by
recording to the unit's internal memory while you
exchange the disc.
• Disc Exchange Cache settings cannot be made while
this unit is in the following states.
- The Interval Rec function is enabled.
- The Clip Continuous Rec function is enabled.
- The Live Logging function is set to Live View mode.
• The unit's internal memory is not unlimited, so the
video and audio may be interrupted if it takes too long
to exchange the disc.
To enable the Disc Exchange Cache
Display the REC FUNCTION page of
the OPERATION menu.
For details on menu operations, see "Basic
menu operations" on page 189.
turn the MENU knob to display "ON".
The TALLY (green tally) indicator lights in
the viewfinder.
Advanced Operations for Shooting
To exchange discs with the function
When the disc exchange cache function is
enabled, the following procedure allows you to
exchange discs while continuing to record.
Press the REC START button or the
VTR button on the lens to start
The REC (recording, red tally) indicator
lights in the viewfinder, and the tally
indicator lights.
Press the EJECT button with the unit
still in the recording state.
The REC (recording, red tally) indicator in
the viewfinder and the tally indicator flash
(once per second), and the disc is ejected.
If the message "DISC FULL!" appears
You can continue recording, because video
and audio continue to be saved to internal
memory. Press the EJECT button and
continue to step 3.
Do not stop recording before pressing the EJECT
button. If you stop recording, the unit will stop
storing video and audio in internal memory and this
function will not work.
Quickly remove the disc, insert a
formatted blank disc, and close the
When the disc is loaded, the REC (recording,
red tally) indicator in the viewfinder and the
tally indicator change to lit, and recording
If the REC indicator and tally indicator
begin flashing rapidly during the disc
If the indicators change to flashing twice per
second, that means that the unit's internal
memory is almost full. Complete the disc
exchange quickly.
• If you insert a disc that cannot be recorded (such
as a full disc or one with the Write Inhibit tab of
the disc set to the recording disabled position), the
unit ejects that disc as soon as it is recognized.
• Recording may not start immediately if you insert
an unformatted disc, or a disc that already


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