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Formatting A Disc; Handling Of Discs When Recording Does Not End Normally (salvage Function) - Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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You need not return the screw to its original
position after taking out the disc. Turning on the
power makes the disc compartment mechanism
operable again.
Do not touch the disc or try to forcibly remove it until it
has been completely ejected.

Formatting a disc

When using a new disc
An unused disc requires no formatting operation.
The disc is automatically formatted so that it is
ready to use when loaded into this unit.
To format a disc on which material is
See page 132 for details of formatting a disc.
When a recorded disc is formatted, all the data on the
disc is erased. (Even locked clips (see page 119) are also
Handling of discs when recording
does not end normally (salvage
Recording processing does not end normally if,
for example, the battery pack is removed during
recording, or if the power cord is disconnected
during recording. Because the file system is not
updated, video and audio data recorded in real
time is not recognized as files and clip contents
recorded up to that point are lost.
However, this unit has a salvage function which
can hold losses to the minimum by reconstructing
clips on such discs.
Note that no recorded clip contents are lost when
the POWER switch is set to OFF and when
battery exhaustion is detected, because the unit
does not become powered off until after the end
of recording processing.
• Do not disconnect the battery pack or power cord until
recording processing has finished and the ACCESS
indicator has gone out.
• This function salvages as much recorded material as
possible after an unforeseen accident, but 100%
restoration cannot be guaranteed.
• Even when this function is used, it is not possible to
recover data from immediately before the interruption
of recording. The amount of data lost is as follows.
- Quick salvage: From 2 to 5 seconds of data before
the interruption of recording.
- Full salvage: From 3 to 6 seconds of data before the
interruption of recording.
(More data may be lost when the unit is subject to
vibrations, when you switch frequently between
recording and paused, and when you use functions
such as Picture Cash.)
Quick salvage
When the unit is powered on again after a
recording interruption due to a power
interruption, with the disc still loaded in the unit,
clips are reconstructed on the basis of backup data
stored in nonvolatile memory and markers
recorded on the disc. Processing time is about 5
Full salvage
When recording on an XDCAM device is
interrupted because of a power interruption, and a
disc is manually ejected from that device with the
Handling Discs


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