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Sony PDW-680 Operation Manual Page 81

Professional disc camcorder.
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data storage time (Picture Cache time) using the
USER menu.
The Picture Cache time determines the number of
seconds recorded from the Picture Cache,
counting back from the time when you press the
REC START button or the VTR button on the
lens to start recording. However, the number of
seconds actually recorded from the Picture Cache
may be shorter immediately after the setting of
the VDR SAVE/STBY switch is changed, and in
the special situations explained in the following
• Storage of images to memory begins after you select
Picture Cache mode. If you begin recording
immediately after selecting Picture Cache mode,
images from before the selection will not be recorded.
• During playback, recording review or GUI screen
operations, no data is saved to the Picture Cache
memory. Thus it is not possible to use this function to
rerecord the last few seconds of material from
playback or recording review.
To set the Picture Cache mode/Picture Cache
(How to select an item in the menu screen: Turn
the MENU knob to move b to the desired item.)
Display the REC FUNCTION page of
the OPERATION menu.
For details on menu operations, see "Basic
menu operations" on page 189.
Select CACHE REC, and turn the
MENU knob to display CACHE.
Select CACHE REC TIME, and turn
the MENU knob to display the desired
Picture Cache time.
As you turn the MENU knob, the Picture
Cache time changes as follows: 0-2s y 2-4s
y 4-6s y 6-8s y 8-10s y 18-20s y
The Picture Cache mode settings once made
continue to be effective until changed.
You can assign the Picture Cache on/off function
to one of the ASSIGN 1/2/3/4 switches, COLOR
TEMP. button, or RET button on the lens.
For details, see "Assigning functions to ASSIGN
switches" on page 204.
• You can do a menu operation to change the Picture
Cache time while the camcorder is in recording mode.
However, the new setting takes effect only after the
recording is finished.
• In Picture Cache mode, the internal timecode generator
operating mode is always F-RUN regardless of the
setting of the F-RUN/SET/R-RUN switch.
Camcorder operations in Picture Cache mode
The recording procedure in Picture Cache mode
is basically the same as that for normal recording.
However, note the following differences.
• When you record in Picture Cache mode, the
picture you are shooting now is recorded to disc
after the picture data stored in memory (equal to
the Picture Cache time) is recorded to disc. For
this reason, disc access may continue for a short
time after you press the REC START button to
stop recording. During this time, the playback
control buttons are disabled, as in recording
mode. Also, if you press the REC START
button or the VTR button on the lens to restart
recording during this time, a separate clip is
• When you press the REC START button or the
VTR button on the lens to restart recording
during disc access, the start point of the
recorded clip may be later than the Picture
Cache time, especially when there are a large
number of clips recorded on the disc. In Picture
Cache mode, you should avoid stop and start
recording operations in quick succession.
• The time disc access stops after the REC
START button is pressed equals the Picture
Cache time. However, if you start recording
within the Picture Cache time immediately after
selecting Picture Cache mode, changing the
Picture Cache time or performing playback or
recording review, the picture data for the
duration of the Picture Cache time will not be
stored in memory. Thus, the time disc access
stops after the STOP button is pressed becomes
shorter than the Picture Cache time.
• In Picture Cache mode, you cannot set the F-
RUN/SET/R-RUN switch to SET to make
Advanced Operations for Shooting


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