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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting

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Before you suspect a malfunction, please check the following points.
Power does not turn on
Is the AC adaptor connected to an AC outlet?
Is the POWER switch turned on (pressed inward)?
If you are using batteries, are batteries installed? Have the batteries run down?
No sound
If your powered monitor system or headphones connected to the correct
Is the connected monitor system powered-on, and is the volume raised?
Is the VOLUME knob set to a position where sound will be output?
Is the MIDI "LOCAL" setting turned ON?
Were any volume-related parameters set to a value of 0?
Was the FILTER "CUTOFF" set to 0?
Did you turn the FORMANT HOLD key on ("E.F. SENSE" HOLD) while there
was no input to AUDIO IN 1?
Can't input sound
Is the input source connected to the AUDIO IN 1 CONDENSOR jack or
DYNAMIC jack, or to the AUDIO IN 2 LINE jack?
If you are inputting to AUDIO IN 1 or AUDIO IN 2, is the VOLUME 1 or
VOLUME 2 knob turned up?
If you are inputting to AUDIO IN 1, is the MIC/LINE switch set appropriately?
If using a vocoder program, have you connected the modulator audio source to
the AUDIO IN 1 CONDENSER jack or DYNAMIC jack?
If you have connected an input device to the AUDIO IN 1 CONDENSER jack and
also to the DYNAMIC jack, the input from the CONDENSER jack will take
priority, and no signal can be input from the DYNAMIC jack.
Can't edit
If the display does not switch to the parameter indication when you turn the
edit control knobs 1–5, Performance Edit may be active.
If you are unable to use the edit control knobs 1–5 to edit the parameter value,
did you remember to turn the knob to a position that matches the displayed


p.23, 27, 34, 37
p.10, 35
p.10, 21, 34
p.10, 21, 34
p.8, 12
If you are unable to edit timbre 2 of a synth program, has VOICE "SINGLE/
LAYER" been set to LAYER?
p.14, 16
If you are unable to edit timbre 1 or 2 of a synth program, is the TIMBRE SELECT
1/2 LED lit for the timbre you want to edit?
If the changes you made to a program or to the global settings have not been
remembered, did you turn the power off before executing the Write operation? In
the case of a program, your edits will also be lost if you select a different program.
Execute the Write operation to save your edits before you switch programs or turn
off the power.
Can't write programs or global settings
Is Shift function "MEMORY PROTECT" turned OFF?
If an edited program or edited GLOBAL, MIDI, or SHIFT settings you thought
you had saved have not actually been saved, did you set the EDIT SELECT 1 or
EDIT SELECT 2 knob to one of the VOICE–ARPEG.B position when you
attempted to save the program, or to the GLOBAL or MIDI position when you
attempted to save the global data?
Arpeggios do not start
Is the arpeggiator turned on (ON/OFF key lit)?
Is the MIDI "CLOCK" setting correct?
No response to MIDI messages sent from an external device
Is the MIDI cable connected correctly?
Does the MIDI channel of the data transmitted from the external MIDI device
match the MIDI channel of the microKORG?
Does not respond correctly to MIDI messages sent from an external device
Is the SHIFT function "MIDI FILTER" for that type of MIDI message set to Enable?
Transpose, velocity curve, and arpeggiator data is not recognized correctly
Is Global "POSITION" set appropriately?
Can't control two timbres on separate MIDI channels
The microKORG uses only one MIDI channel to transmit and receive. You cannot
use two MIDI channels to play the two timbres independently.


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