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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual Page 61

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Messages transmitted and received by the microKORG
If you are transmitting these parameters between two microKORG units, set both
units to the same program settings.
System exclusive messages
microKORG format
F0: exclusive status
42: Korg ID
3n: [n=0—F] MIDI channel
58: microKORG model ID (same as MS2000/MS2000R)
function ID (type of message)
F7: end of exclusive
Universal system exclusive
System exclusive messages include a special category of messages whose purpose is
officially defined. These are called universal system exclusive messages.
Of these universal system exclusive messages, the microKORG supports Master
Volume and Master Fine Tuning.
Master volume [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 01, vv, mm, F7]
(vv: lower byte of value, mm: upper byte of value, [mm, vv=7F, 7F] is Max, [mm,
vv=00, 00] is 0)
When a Master Volume message is received, the microKORG will adjust its overall
If GLOBAL "AUDIO IN THRU" is ON, the input signal of AUDIO IN 1/2 will not be
affected by Master Volume.
Master fine tuning [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 03, vv, mm, F7]
(A value of 8192 [mm, vv=40, 00] is center (0 cent, A4=440.0Hz), 4096 [mm, vv=20,
00] is -50 cents, and 12288 [mm, vv=60, 00] is +50 cents.)
When master fine tuning is received, the value specified for the microKORG's
GLOBAL "MASTER TUNE" will be ignored, and the overall pitch will be specified by
the data that was received.
Transmitting sound settings etc. (Data Dump)
Program data and global data can be transmitted as a MIDI exclusive data. The action
of transmitting MIDI exclusive data to an external MIDI device is called a data dump.
By performing a data dump, you can store various types of data on an external MIDI
device, or rewrite the sounds or settings of a second microKORG.
Data dumps can be performed on the microKORG as follows.
Use the SHIFT function "MIDI DATA DUMP" to select the data that you want to
transmit (1PROG, PROG, GLOBAL, ALL), and dump the data.
1PROG will dump only the data of the selected program. When the microKORG
receives such a data dump, the settings of the currently selected program will be
rewritten by the data that was received.
In this case, the data will not be saved unless you perform the Write operation.
PROG will dump the data for all programs saved in memory.
GLOBAL will dump the global data (GLOBAL, MIDI, and some of the SHIFT function
ALL will dump all programs as well as global data.
If PROG, GLOBAL, or ALL dumps are received by the microKORG, the data will be
written directly into internal memory; you do not need to perform the Write
When a dump request is received from an external device, the microKORG will
transmit the data dump that was requested.
If you want the microKORG to receive a data dump, turn the SHIFT function "WRITE
), and set the MIDI FILTER setting "SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE" to
Enable (
). If this is set to Disable (
If you wish to obtain the "MIDI Implementation" which includes details of the MIDI
exclusive format, please contact a Korg dealer.
The microKORG maintains data compatibility only for parameters that it shares with
the MS2000/MS2000R. This data can be exchanged via data dump. For details on the
compatible parameters, refer to "MIDI Implementation."
Realtime Messages
Starting/stopping the arpeggiator
When the microKORG's arpeggiator is synchronized to a connected external MIDI
device, system realtime messages Start and Stop will control the arpeggiator.
Start [FA]
When a Start [FA] message is received, the arpeggiator will start from the pitch of the
first played note.
Stop [FC]
When a Stop [FC] message is received, the arpeggiator will stop. (It will not be turned
off; the arpeggiator will start again when additional notes are played.)
), data dumps can not be received.


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