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Specifies the time from note-on
(when the key is pressed) until the
attack level (maximum value of the
envelope) is reached.
Figure 7-1
Note off
Note on
Attack Level
[1]: Attack Time
[3]: Sustain Level
[2]: Decay Time
[4]: Release Time
Here you can make settings for the filter EG, which applies time-variant change to the tone ( Figure 7-1). Make these settings to specify the
"shape" of the EG, and use the FILTER parameter "FILTER EG INT" to specify the amount of effect that the EG will have ( p.24). By making
FILTER EG settings, you can make the tone change as time passes. Create the desired tonal curve by adjusting the ADSR parameters;
ATTACK (knob 1), DECAY (knob 2), SUSTAIN (knob 3), RELEASE (knob 4).
For details on how an EG (Envelope Generator) works, refer to AMP EG ( p.28).
You can use the FILTER EG as a Virtual Patch source modulate a parameter other than the filter cutoff frequency. ( p.30)
Specifies the time from when the at-
Specifies the cutoff frequency that
tack level is reached until the sus-
will be maintained after the decay
tain level (SUSTAIN) is reached.
time has elapsed, until you release
the key.
Filter EG and Amplifier EG
When the Filter EG changes the cutoff frequency, the tone will change.
However depending on the volume changes produced by the Amplifier
EG, this can be heard in different ways. For example by changing the
speed at which the tone and volume begin (attack) or decay, you can
significantly vary the character of the tonal change. It is a good idea to
adjust the changes of both the Filter EG (tone) and the Amplifier EG
(volume) as you proceed with editing.
Specifies the time from note-off
(when the key is released) until the
level reaches 0.
Specifies whether or not the EG will
be reset for the second and subse-
quent note-on. If a new note is
played before the previous note has
finished its release stage, the enve-
lope can either start over from zero,
or continue from the current value.
The note will start from the current
EG level.
ON (
The second note-on will start from
a level of 0.
Note on
Note off
Note on (Retrigger)
The "EG RESET" parameter is
only available if "VOICE AS-
SIGN" is set to Poly, or if "VOICE
ASSIGN" is set to Mono or Uni-
son and "TRIGGER" is set to


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