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Korg LED slider Installation Manual

For arp odyssey; arp avatar.
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ARP Odyssey & Avatar LED Slider
Installation Manual


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    ARP Odyssey & Avatar LED Slider Installation Manual...

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    Introduction Thank you for purchasing an LED slider upgrade kit for your ARP synthesizer. These sliders not only look great, but they feel better than the original ARP CTS sliders. This installation guide will show you how to install the slider kit and the 5 volt power supply.

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    Tools Required For Installation • Phillips Head Screwdriver • Solder • Center Punch or Marker • Drill • Soldering Iron • Wire Strippers • Desoldering Tool (Such as Hakko 808 or Similar) Installation of Sliders 1) Remove all slider caps from the ARP, then remove all PCBs from chassis. Desolder all old CTS sliders and remove them from the boards.

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    2) Using the PCB parts diagrams in Drawing 1,2, and 3, place all of the slid- er assemblies into the PCB as shown in figure 1. DO NOT SOLDER YET. This allows for the chance to test fit the assemblies, and also makes it easier to wire the sliders together.

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    Figure 3 - Sliders Assembly Tack Soldered (Each slider soldered in place by only one pin) Now that the slider asseblies are held in place, heat up the tack solder joint holding each slider into place and adjust so that slider shafts are perpendicular to the pcb and the slider PCB is parallel with the ARP PCB.

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    Figure 4 - Slider Assemblies Wired Into PCBs (All sliders aligned. ARP OMNI 2 shown) 5) When the assemblies have been wired to the PCBs, you can connect each PCB to the LED power supply using the mating connectors. This allows for brightness adjustment of each LED.

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    Figure 5 - Slider Assembly Powered. (LED brightness being adjusted on each slider)

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    Figure 6 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Board A Installed...

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    Figure 7 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Board B Installed (Note that this wiring is different from the suggested method as shown in PCB drawings below)

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    Figure 8 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Board C Sliders Installed...

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    FEMALE CONNECTOR Drawing 1 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Suggested Wiring Diagram (BOARD A)

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    100KD 100KB 100KB 100KB 100KB 100KB 100KB 100KB FEMALE CONNECTOR TO BD C 100KD 100KD 100KB 100KD 100KD 100KD 100KB 100KD 100KB 100KB MALE CONNECTOR TO BD A Drawing 2 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Suggested Wiring Diagram (BOARD B)

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    100KB 100KB 100KB 100KB FEMALE CONNECTOR TO 5V POWER SUPPLY 100KD 100KD 100KD 100KB 100KB 100KB 100KD 100KB MALE CONNECTOR TO BD B Drawing 3 - ARP Odyssey 2800 Suggested Wiring Diagram (BOARD C)

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    INSTALLING LED POWER 1) The 5V LED ballast should be mounted close to the transformer in your ARP’s power supply. The ballast is powered by the AC hot and neutral, the same as the transformer on the ARP. Find a location near the transformer where the ballast can be mounted. Use the mounting template and make starter marks using a punch.

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    Figure 11 - Marking Mounting Holes for Drilling Figure 12 - Power Supply Mounted In Case...

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    5) On the ARP, one side of the AC is switched on and off by the power switch. This wire also runs through a 250V 500mA fuse. Attach the ballast AC inputs at the same spot the primary winding of the transformer attach to the AC and the fused AC.

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    Figure 14 - Extra Grounding Wire & 5V Power Wiring Figure 15 - Finished LED Ballast Wiring...

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