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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Mod Fx - Synth/vocoder; Eq - Synth/vocoder

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Ensemble, Phaser]
Selects the effect type.
Flanger/Chorus (
This effect modulates the delay time
of the input signal to add depth and
warmth to the sound. Increasing the
"EFFECT DEPTH" value will pro-
duce a flanger effect.
Ensemble (
This effect uses multiple chorus
units to add three-dimensional
depth and spaciousness to the
Phaser (
This effect continuously modulates
the phase of the sound, creating
motion within the sound, a sweep-
ing and twisting sensation.
16. MOD FX
The modulation effect applies various types of cyclic change to the original sound. You can use it to give the sound greater depth, or to
produce the impression that multiple sound sources are being heard simultaneously. You can also use LFO modulation to simulate cyclic
changes produced by a performer on an instrument, such as breathing on a wind instrument or the strings of a string instrument. "TYPE"
(knob 1 ) selects the type of modulation effect, "EFFECT DEPTH" (knob 3 ) sets the depth and the amount of feedback for the modulation
effect. "LFO SPEED" (knob 2 ) sets the speed of modulation.
Specifies the speed of the modula-
Specifies the modulation depth and
tion effect LFO.
amount of feedback. Increasing this
value will deepen the modulation
effect and also increase the amount
of feedback. If you do not wish to
apply the effect, set this to 0.
Excessively high settings of this
parameter may cause the output
to be distorted.


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