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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Pitch — Synth/vocoder

Synthesizer/vocoder. Uploaded by: Da'Vidd Hollosy  
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These settings specify the pitch of the oscillator.
Use "TRANSPOSE" (knob 1) and "TUNE" (knob 2) to set the desired pitch. These settings are shared by oscillators 1 and 2. In this section you
can also set the portamento time, and specify how the PITCH and MOD wheels will affect the pitch.
Adjusts the pitch of the oscillator in
Adjusts the pitch of the oscillator in
semitone (100 cent) steps.
one-cent steps.
The range is two octaves upward or
Changes made by the front
panel OCTAVE SHIFT buttons
actually shift the pitches as-
signed to the keyboard (or keys)
in one-octave steps, and do not
affect the pitch of the oscillator
that is sounding. Nor are such
settings saved by the Write op-
eration. If you wish to change
the pitch of the oscillator itself,
you must use this "TRANS-
POSE" setting to specify the
Specifies the speed of the
portamento effect (a smooth change
in pitch from one note to the next
note of a different pitch).
With a setting of 0, there will be no
portamento effect. Increasing this
value will cause the pitch change to
occur over a longer time.
If "VOICE ASSIGN" is set to
Mono or Unison, and if "Trigger"
is set to Single, portamento will
not apply to the first-sounded
Specifies the amount of pitch
Specifies the depth of vibrato that
change in semitones that will occur
will be applied when you move the
when the pitch wheel is operated.
MOD (modulation) wheel all the
This value specifies the amount of
way away from yourself.
change that will occur when you
move the pitch wheel all the way
to the away from you.
The LFO2 modulates the pitch of
the oscillator, raising and lower-
ing it to create vibrato.


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