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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Vocoder Programs; Playing A Vocoder Program; Modifying The Sound

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1. Playing a vocoder program

Here's how to connect the included mic and play a vocoder program.
A vocoder applies the spectral character of an externally-input voice (the "modula-
tor") to an oscillator or other sound (the "carrier"), and outputs the result. In the
most popular use of a vocoder, you can speak or sing into a mic and play chords on
the keyboard, to create the impression that an instrument is speaking or singing.
Alternatively, you can create a variety of interesting effects by inputting audio
signals other than a human voice (such as
rhythm sounds).
On the rear panel, turn the AUDIO IN 1
VOLUME 1 knob to the MIN position, and
set the MIC/LINE
switch to the MIC
Connect the included mic to the AUDIO IN
If you use a mic other than the included
one, connect it to the appropriate jack.
Select a vocoder program.
Using the procedure described on page 8,
select program "A.84" for this example.
With the factory settings, the VOCODER bank contains vocoder programs.
Notice that the SYNTH/VOCODER LED VOCODER is lit.
Vocalize into the mic, and turn the VOLUME 1 knob toward MAX without
allowing the AUDIO IN 1 LED to light red.
Raising the AMP "DIRECT LEVEL" value will cause the input sound to be
output directly, so raise the level if you want to hear the input sound while you
make adjustments. ( p.37)
While vocalizing into the mic, play the keyboard.
Try pronouncing different words and changing the chords you play, and listen
to the vocoder effect.
If you cannot hear the effect, try adjusting the AMP "LEVEL" (knob 1 ) ( p.37)
or MIXER "OSC 1 LEVEL" (knob 1 ) ( p.34).

Vocoder programs

Included mic
1 1, 4 2
While vocalizing into the mic and using the keyboard to play vocoder sounds,
you can "freeze" the current tone of the vocoder by pressing the FORMANT
HOLD key. This allows you to continue to play the current vocoder sound, even
when you are not vocalizing. This tone will be remembered when you Write the
vocoder program to memory.
Several of the VOCODER bank programs will sound even if you simply play
the keyboard. These programs were written with FORMANT HOLD turned on.

2. Modifying the sound

In the same way as for a synth program, you can modify the sound of a vocoder
program by turning the edit control knobs 1 –5 , by moving the PITCH and MOD
wheels, and by the way that you play the keyboard. As described on the preceding
pages, try out various changes for the selected program.
The following Performance Edit operations work differently than for a synth
Knob 1: CUTOFF, Knob 2: RESONANCE:
These control the carrier by adjusting the band pass filter cutoff frequency of the
carrier. See page 35.
Knob 3: EG ATTACK, Knob 4: EG RELEASE:
Only the amp EG can be controlled.
Also, a vocoder program does not allow you to switch timbres.
Edit control knobs 1–5


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