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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Editing; Basic Editing; Basic Editing Procedure

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Basic editing procedure

All of the editable parameters are organized into "sections". Each section contains
up to five parameters, which are controlled using the edit control knobs 1 – 5. The
two knobs labelled EDIT SELECT 1 and EDIT SELECT 2 are used to select a
section. Notice the six columns of text under the five knobs. The first column
identifies the name of each section, and the following five columns show the
parameter assigned to each of the knobs above. The text to the left side indicates the
parameters used for a synth program. The text to the right side (in green) indicates
the parameters available for a vocoder program.
On the microKORG there are two basic ways for you to create a sound.
• Select the program that is closest to the sound you want to create, and edit that
program as necessary to change it as desired
• Start from an initialized program ("blank slate"), and create the sound from
Broadly speaking, the procedure is as follows.
Select the program that you want to start from. ( p.8)
If you want to start from scratch, execute the Initialize operation. ( p.59)
Turn the EDIT SELECT 1 or EDIT SELECT 2 knob to select the section that
includes the parameter you want to edit. (The SYNTH/VOCODER LED for the
side you are editing will light.)
Consider how the current program differs from the sound you have in mind,
and select the parameter that you want to edit.
If you are creating the sound from scratch, note that the
EDIT SELECT 1 and EDIT SELECT 2 knobs access
parameter sections in a logical order for creating the
sound. You can turn the dials in sequence to step through
these parameter sections in the appropriate order.
By holding down the SHIFT key and pressing the BANK
SIDE key, you can switch between EDIT SELECT 1 and
EDIT SELECT 2 as the section to edit.

Basic editing

Turn edit control knob 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to edit the assigned parameters.
For example if you are editing a synth program and set the EDIT SELECT 1
knob to FILTER, the parameters shown below the diagram at the bottom of this
page will be selected as the function of the five edit control knobs. (The left
parameter of each pair is the synth program parameter, and the right parameter
– in green – is the vocoder program parameter.)
Turning knob 2 will change the cutoff frequency value, affecting the tone.
Turning knob 3 will change the resonance value, adding a distinctive character
to the tone. ( p.24)
Go ahead and try editing the AMP EG parameters "ATTACK" and "DECAY"
( p.28), the PITCH parameter "PORTAMENTO" ( p.17), or the MOD FX
( p.40) or DELAY ( p.41) parameters to hear the result. (For details on each
parameter, refer to the appropriate page.)
If you want to make precise adjustments to a value, hold down the SHIFT key
and press the OCTAVE SHIFT UP or DOWN key (UP, DOWN, and SHIFT keys
will light). Now you can use the UP and DOWN octave keys to step through
the values for the selected parameter.
To cancel this function, press the lit SHIFT key.
If you press the UP and DOWN keys simultaneously, that parameter will return
to the value it had when you selected it.
Repeat steps 2–4 as necessary to create the desired sound.
Write the program into memory. ( p.58)


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