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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Midi

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22. MIDI

Here you can make MIDI-related settings for the microKORG.
Specifies the MIDI channel.
Switch the local on/off setting.
When you wish to transmit pro-
gram changes or system exclusive
With this setting, controllers such as
messages via MIDI, set the global
the keyboard and modulation
MIDI channel to match the MIDI
wheel will be internally discon-
channel of the connected MIDI de-
nected from the tone generator sec-
This setting prevents notes from
being sounded in duplicate when a
sequencer is connected and the per-
formance data is echoed back from
the sequencer. (Echo back is when
the performance data transmitted
by playing the microKORG is re-
transmitted back to the microKORG
from the sequencer.)
ON (
Select this setting when you are us-
ing the microKORG by itself.
CLOCK [Internal, External, Auto]
Specifies how the microKORG will
synchronize with a connected exter-
nal MIDI device (sequencer, rhythm
machine, etc.). If the LFO 1/2 or
LFO rate and delay time will also
synchronize in the same way as the
Internal (
The arpeggiator will be determined
by the internal clock (specified by
"TEMPO"). Select this setting if you
are using the microKORG by itself,
or if you are using the microKORG
as the master (controlling device) so
that an external MIDI device will
synchronize to the MIDI clock mes-
sages from the microKORG.
External (
The microKORG's arpeggiator will
synchronize to the MIDI clock mes-
sages received from an external
MIDI device connected to the MIDI
IN connector.
( )
Auto (
The microKORG will automatically
function using the External setting
if MIDI clock messages are being
received from an external MIDI de-
vice connected to the MIDI IN con-
nector. Normally it will function us-
ing the Internal setting.
When making settings for syn-
chronizing external MIDI de-
vices, refer to the owner's manu-
als for the devices you are using.
( )


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