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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Turning The Power On; The Power Supply; Turning The Power Off

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1. The power supply

Before you connect the power supply, make sure that the power switch is turned off
(i.e., in the outward position).
Connecting the AC adaptor
Firmly insert the plug of the included AC adaptor into the jack. Then connect the
AC adaptor to an AC outlet.
Never use any AC adaptor other than the included one.
Inserting/exchanging batteries
The microKORG can also be operated on batteries.
Batteries are not included. You will need to purchase them
Make sure that the power switch on the microKORG is turned off.
Then open the battery cover located on the bottom of the case.
Insert six AA alkaline batteries.
Be careful to observe the correct polarity of the batteries.
Close the battery cover.
Low battery display "
When the batteries run low, the display will indicate "
right will begin blinking. If you continue using the microKORG, the Protect setting
will be turned on automatically, and you will be unable to edit program or global
settings. We recommend that you install new batteries or switch to the AC adaptor
as soon as possible. If this state occurs while you are editing, and you want to save
your settings, connect the AC adaptor and execute the Write operation.
You can cancel the "
" display by pressing the SHIFT key.
Batteries that have become unusable should be removed from the microKORG
as soon as possible. Leaving such batteries installed may cause malfunctions
(due to battery leakage, etc.). You should also remove the batteries if you will
not be using the microKORG for an extended period of time.

Turning the power on

," and the "." at the far
2. Turning the power on
Before you turn on the microKORG's power, you should lower the level of your
monitor system or other connected output device.
Turn the microKORG's VOLUME knob all the way toward the left.
Press the power switch to turn on the power.
The display will indicate the program number.
Turn the microKORG's VOLUME knob toward the right to an appropriate
Adjust the volume of your external output device.
1, 3

3. Turning the power off

After saving any necessary data (such as a program you have edited) turn the
power off using the reverse order of the power-on procedure.
Never turn the power off while data is being saved (i.e., while Write is execut-
ing). Doing so may damage the internal data.


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