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Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder micro Owner's Manual: Editing The Effects And Eq; The Microkorg's Effect Structure; Overview

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The microKORG's effect structure

Editing the effects and EQ

The output from the amp section of a synth program or vocoder program is sent to
the modulation effect (MOD FX) delay effect (DELAY FX) equalizer (EQ).
( p.15 Figure 0-1, ›p.31 Figure v0-1)
You can edit the modulation type effect and the delay effect to create the desired
sound in the same way as when editing the filter or amp parameters. You can use
effects to modify the sound in a variety of ways. Then you can use the two-band EQ
to make final adjustments to the tone, before the sound is sent to the L/R outputs. To
bypass any of the effects, set the FX depth (or EQ gain) value to zero.
Modulation-type effect (MOD FX)
Choose one of three effects: Chorus/Flanger, Ensemble, or Phaser.
Delay effect (DELAY FX)
Choose one of three effects: Stereo Delay, Cross Delay, or L/R Delay.
Equalizer (EQ)
This is a two-band EQ.


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