Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Other Controls; System Exclusive Messages; Realtime Messages

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Vocoder Switch
Vocoder switch: [Bn, 63, 05, Bn, 62, 04, Bn, 06, mm]
(n: channel, mm: parameter value)
MSB (Hex)
LSB (Hex)
Vocoder Sw

Other controls

These messages are transmitted and received on the Global MIDI channel.
Voice Mode (COMMON page "VOIC.MODE")
Voice Mode ("VOIC.MODE"): [Bn, 63, 05, Bn, 62, 00, Bn, 06, mm]
(n: channel, mm: parameter value)
MSB (Hex)
LSB (Hex)
Voice Mode
System exclusive messages
microKORG XL+ format
F0: exclusive status
42: Korg ID
3n: [n=0–F] MIDI channel
00, 01, 19:microKORG XL+ model ID
ff: function ID (type of message)
F7: end of exclusive
Universal system exclusive
System exclusive messages include a special category of messages
whose purpose is officially defined. These are called universal system
exclusive messages. Of these universal system exclusive messages, the
microKORG XL+ supports Master Volume and Master Fine Tuning.
Value (transmitted)
Value (received)
0...63: OFF,
0...63: OFF,
64...127: ON
64...127: ON
Value (transmitted)
Value (received)
0...31: SINGLE,
0...31: SINGLE,
32...63: LAYER,
32...63: LAYER,
64...95: SPLIT,
64...95: SPLIT,
96...127: MULTI
96...127: MULTI
Master volume [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 01, vv, mm, F7]
(vv: lower byte of value, mm: upper byte of value, [mm, vv=7F, 7F] is Max,
[mm, vv=00, 00] is 0)
When a Master Volume message is received, the microKORG XL+ will
adjust its overall volume.
Master fine tuning [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 03, vv, mm, F7]
(A value of 8192 [mm, vv=40, 00] is center (0 cent, A4=440.0Hz), 4096
[mm, vv=20, 00] is -50 cents, and 12288 [mm, vv=60, 00] is +50 cents.)
When master fine tuning is received, the value specified for the micro-
KORG XL+'s GLOBAL page "MST TUNE" will be ignored, and the overall
pitch will be specified by the data that was received.
Realtime Messages
Starting/stopping the arpeggiator
When the microKORG XL+'s arpeggiator is synchronized to a connected
external MIDI device, system realtime messages Start and Stop will control
the arpeggiator.
Start [FA]
When the Start [FA] message is received, the arpeggio pattern will be reset
to its beginning.
Stop [FC]
When a Stop [FC] message is received, the arpeggiator will stop. (It will not
be turned off; the arpeggiator will start again when additional notes are


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