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Packing - Hitachi C 8FSE Technical Data And Service Manual

Slide compound miter saw
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Table of Contents
(1) How to install packings (A) and (B)
Remove the dust bag from the main body. Slide
the head section toward the operator and insert
packing (A) between the slide pipe, hinge and
holder (A). Push the head back and secure the
slide in position with packing (A) inserted by
means of the slide securing knob.
Turn the turn table to the right 57° and remove
the side handle. Place packing (B) under the
head and push the head down. Insert the locking
pin while pressing packing (B) to secure the
head section in position (Fig. 35).
(2) How to install packings (C) and (D)
Put the main body mounted with packings (A)
and (B) in the carton box aligning with the base
packing and the inner frame (Fig. 36).
Put packing (C) in the left side of the carton box
on the top of holder (A).
Put packing (D) in the right side of the carton box
on the top of the switch handle.
Place the accessories in the space at the rear
of the base (Fig. 37).
(3) How to install top packing (E)
Insert packing (E) in packings (C) and (D).
Close the lids of the carton box and bind them
together (Fig. 38).


Fig. 35
Turn table
Fig. 36
Inner frame
Fig. 37
Packing (C)
Fig. 38
Packing (C)
Packing (A)
Packing (B)
Slide securing knob
Base packing
Packing (D)
Packing (E)
Packing (D)


Table of Contents

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