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4. Armature ass'y and lock lever
(1) Remove the Brush Cap [161] and the Carbon Brush [160].
(2) Removing the three Machine Screws (W/Washers) M5 x 40 (Black) [157] allows you to remove the
Housing Ass'y [155] together with the Handle Cover [164] from the Gear Case [198].
(3) Remove the Lock Lever [177] and the Spring [176].
(4) Remove the two Special Screws M6 [205] and remove the Lock Lever [204] and the Lock Lever Spring
(5) Disassembly of the Armature Ass'y [187]
(a) Remove the Housing Ass'y [155] from the Gear Case [198] according to the above step 4-(1)(2). If
the Rubber Bushing [186] stays in the Housing Ass'y [155], remove it with long nose pliers.
(b) Remove the Armature Ass'y [187] by gently hammering the Gear Case [198] with a plastic hammer.
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Table of Contents

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