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Slide compound miter saw
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(6) Remove the Knob Bolt M6 x 25 [116] and the Lock Spring [117]. Remove Hinge (A) Ass'y [87] from
Holder (A) [124] by sliding Hinge (A) Ass'y [87].
(7) Remove the Machine Screw M4 x 8 [81]. Lightly tap the end surface of Holder (A) [124] with a plastic
hammer to remove the Ball Bushing [114].
(8) Remove the Seal Lock Hex. Socket Set Screw M6 x 10 [118] from Holder (A) [124]. Remove the
Bushing [115] from Holder (A) [124].
NOTE: Prepare a shaft of 25 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. Make the shaft contact with the
end surface of the Bushing [115] and lightly tap the shaft with a plastic hammer to remove
the Bushing [115] from Holder (A) [124].
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Table of Contents

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