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Precautions In Sales Promotion; Safety Instructions - Hitachi C 8FSE Technical Data And Service Manual

Slide compound miter saw
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1. Safety instructions

In the interest of promoting the safest and most efficient use of the Models C 8FSE and C 8FSHE Slide
Compound Miter Saws by all of our customers, it is very important that at the time of sale the salesperson
carefully ensures that the buyer seriously recognizes the importance of the contents of the Instruction
Manual, and fully understands the meaning of the precautions listed on the Warning Labels, Warning Signs
and Caution Labels attached to each machine.
A. Instruction manual
Although every effort is made in each step of design, manufacture and inspection to provide protection
against safety hazards, the dangers inherent in the use of any slide compound miter saw cannot be
completely eliminated. Accordingly, general precautions and suggestions for the use of electric power tools,
and specific precautions and suggestions for the use of the slide compound miter saw are listed in the
Instruction Manual to enhance the safe, efficient use of the tool by the customer. Salespersons must be
thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Instruction Manual to be able to offer appropriate guidance to
the customer during sales promotion.
B. Warning labels and caution labels
(1) Precautions on the name plate
Each of the Models C 8FSE and C 8FSHE is furnished with a Name Plate that lists the following precautions.
For the U.S.A. and Canada
Fig. 12-a
For Europe
Fig. 12-b
For Australia and Asia
Fig. 12-c
For China
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Table of Contents

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