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Slide compound miter saw
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6. Cutting operation

(1) Cutting efficiency will be reduced if a dull saw blade is used,
if an excessively long extension cord is used, or if the wire
gauge of the extension cord is too small. (For details, refer
to the Instruction Manual "USE PROPER EXTENSION
CORD.") This is particularly important when cutting materials
with dimensions which are at or near the maximum capacity
for the machine.
(2) The customer should be advised to thoroughly inspect the
workpiece to ensure that there are no metallic objects (nails
in particular), sand, or other foreign matter in or on the
workpiece. Contacting such foreign matter will not only
shorten the service life of the saw blade, but could cause
serious accident. Should the saw blade tips be broken off,
the tips may fly toward the operator.
(3) Press cutting ( 3 in Fig. 23)
The Models C 8FSE/C 8FSHE can be used for press
cutting of workpieces up to 65 mm square in a single
operation by simply pushing the saw blade section 3
downward in the same manner as the Model C 8FB2.
Slide the hinge to the end of holder (A) and tighten the slide
securing knob securely.
CAUTION: (For Europe and Australia)
This slide compound miter saw is equipped with a saw head lock as a safety device.
To lower the saw head to cut, the lock must be released by pressing the lock lever with your thumb.
(4) Slide cutting ( 1 to 5 in Fig. 23)
Slide cutting procedures and precautions are described below.
1 Loosen the slide securing knob.
2 Grip the handle and pull the saw blade section in the arrow direction (toward the operator).
3 Push the handle downward and cut the workpiece (press cutting).
(For Europe and Australia)
Push the handle downward while holding down the lock lever with your thumb and cut the workpiece.
CAUTION: If the handle is pushed down forcibly and excessively fast, it could cause the saw blade
vibration and partial sliding which would leave unwanted cutting marks on the
workpiece. Instruct the customer to slowly and carefully press down the handle.
4 While pressing down on the handle, slide the saw blade section in the arrow direction and cut the
CAUTION: Interrupting the cutting operation partway through the material or sliding the saw blade
section in a jerky manner will produce unwanted cutting marks similar to those
described in 3 above. As a guide, instruct the customer to cut a workpiece of 30 mm
(1-3/16") high and 300 mm (11-7/8") wide in 10 to 15 seconds.
Carefully instruct the customer never, ever to perform slide cutting in the direction toward the operator
(reverse direction of the above). Such operation is extremely hazardous, as the saw blade could ride up
over the workpiece and cause the saw blade section to kick upward unexpectedly, causing possible serious
injury. Instruct the customer to always slide the saw blade section toward the fence while cutting, as shown
by the arrow 4 in Fig. 23.
5 On completion of the cutting operation, turn the switch off and wait for the saw blade to come to a
complete stop before raising the handle to its original position. Raising the handle while the saw blade
is still rotating may cause unwanted cutting marks on the workpiece.
Fig. 23


Table of Contents

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