Adjustment And Operational Precautions; Confirmation Of Saw Blade Lower Limit Position; Confirmation For Use Of Sub Fence (Optional Accessory) - Hitachi C 8FSE Technical Data And Service Manual

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1. Confirmation of saw blade lower limit position

The lower limit of the saw blade cutting depth is factory-adjusted so that when the saw blade is fully
lowered, its cutting edge is 10 to 11 mm (13/32" to 7/16") below the upper surface of the turn table in order
to cut workpieces completely without cutting the bottom of the turn table groove. Lower the saw blade and
check that it stops at the correct position (Fig. 16-a).
When changing the position of the 8 mm depth adjustment bolt that serves as the lower limit position
stopper of the saw blade, perform the following steps.
(1) Make the tip of the 8 mm depth adjustment bolt contact with the hinge.
(2) Turn the 8 mm depth adjustment bolt with a 13-mm wrench to adjust the lower limit position of the saw
blade (Fig. 16-c).
CAUTION: Perform the adjustment carefully to ensure that the saw blade does not cut into the turn
Fig. 16-a
Fig. 16-c

2. Confirmation for use of sub fence (Optional accessory)

The sub fence is optionally available (located at the front right of the
base). Use the sub fence for miter cutting and right bevel cutting. The
sub fence supports the workpiece widely for stable cutting. In the
case of left bevel cutting, raise the sub fence as illustrated in Fig. 17
and turn it counterclockwise.
*For the U.S.A. and Canada, the Models C 8FSHE and C8FSE are
equipped with the sub fence as a standard accessory.
NOTE: Mount the sub fence as follows.
Insert the flat-head screw M6 into fence (B) and mount the sub fence and the plate. Then tighten
the nylon nut M6 with the attached 10-mm box wrench so that the sub fence can turn smoothly.
WARNING: In the case of left bevel cutting, turn the sub fence counterclockwise. Otherwise the
main body or the saw blade may contact the sub fence resulting in an injury. Be sure to
instruct the customers to turn the sub fence counterclockwise in the case of left bevel
Fig. 16-b
8 mm depth
adjustment bolt
8 mm depth
adjustment bolt
Turn table
Fig. 17
Sub fence


Table of Contents

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