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Stored Lap Display Function - Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS Owner's Manual

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Stored LAP display function

This function displays the stored LAPs.
To display the function, enter the "setting" menu page 46
and access the "LAP" page.
In the next display, press the reset button (14. fig. 4) showing
The instrument panel displays the information as follows:
Circular display (B, fig. 6):
- the number of the displayed lap (ex: no.1);
- "NEXT" to display the next LAP;
- "RESET" to delete all the stored times.
To exit, select "EXIT" and press the reset button (14, fig. 4).
Main display (A, fig. 6):
- the time in the upper left (ex: 1:50:97);
- the maximum speed reached in the registered LAP to the
upper right;
- the number of maximum RPMs reached in the registered
lap at the bottom.
The MAX stored speed is indicated on the main display
(A) (increased by 8%).
If the MAX speed reading exceeds 299 Km/h (186 mph)
while the information is stored, the speed that was reached
is still displayed (example: 316 Km/h).
If there is no reading in the memory, the 30 times are shown,
with the display showing "0.00.00", MAX rpm = 0 and
MAX speed = 0.
If while registering the LAP the engine reaches the threshold
that precedes the rev limiter or rev limiter threshold, the
relative light "Over Rev" (9, fig. 3) will turn on when
displaying the stored times.
To display other stored times, select "NEXT" and press the
reset button (14, fig. 4); the next lap will be displayed each
time the reset button (14, fig. 4) is pressed.
To delete all the stored times, select "RESET" and press the
rest button (14, fig. 4) for 3 seconds.
If the stored times are deleted while the LAP function
is active, it will be automatically deactivated.


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