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Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS Owner's Manual Page 9

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Useful information for safe riding
Read this section before riding your motorcycle.
Many accidents are the result of the inexperience of the
rider. Always make sure you have your licence with you; you
need a valid licence that entitles you to ride a motorcycle.
Do not lend your motorcycle to persons who are
inexperienced or do not hold a valid licence.
Both rider and pillion passenger must ALWAYS wear a safety
Do not wear loose clothes or accessories that could become
entangled in the controls or limit your field of vision.
Never start or run the engine indoors. Exhaust gases are
toxic and may lead to loss of consciousness or even death
within a short time.
Both rider and pillion passenger should keep their feet on the
footpegs when the motorcycle is in motion.
ALWAYS hold the handlebars firmly with both hands so you
will be ready for sudden changes of direction or in the road
surface. The pillion passenger should ALWAYS hold on to the
strap onto passenger seat with both hands.
Ride within the law and observe national and local rules.
ALWAYS respect speed limits where these are posted.
However, ALWAYS adjust your speed to the visibility, road
and traffic conditions you are riding in.
ALWAYS signal your intention to turn or pull to the next lane
in good time using the suitable turn signals.
Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride within the blind
spot of vehicles ahead.
Be very careful at road junctions, or when riding in areas near
exits from private land or car parks, or on the slip roads to
ALWAYS turn off the engine when refuelling.
Be extremely careful not to spill fuel on the engine or on the
exhaust pipe when refuelling.
Do not smoke when refuelling.
While refuelling, it is possible to inhale noxious fuel vapours.
Should any fuel drops be spilled on your skin or clothing,
immediately wash with soap and water and change your
ALWAYS remove the key when you leave your motorcycle
The engine, exhaust pipes and silencers remain hot for a long
The exhaust system may still be hot even after engine
is switched off; take special care not to touch the exhaust
system with any part of your body and do not park the
motorcycle next to inflammable material (wood, leaves, etc.).
Park your motorcycle where no one is likely to knock against
it, and use the side stand.
Never park on uneven or soft ground, or your motorcycle
may fall over.


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