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Options - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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signals, as a black frame is not inserted when the two
signals are switched.
Horopter check display (with serial number 7100001 or
Either left (L) or right (R) 3D video signals, or both L and
R signals are displayed in monochrome mode. This display
is useful for checking a subtle depth of a subject located in
the boundary plane of the screen, that is, whether it is near
or far from the screen surface.
Horizontal flip display (with serial number 7100001 or
The input 3D video signals whose left (L) or right (R)
signal has been inverted horizontally by a half-mirror type
3D rig are displayed as non-inverted images.
The horizontal flip display function of this monitor inverts
the input signals to display them. Since the internal sync is
applied to any signal delayed by the inversion, there is a
time lag between input and the displayed image.
Screen saver
When a nearly still image is displayed continuously for 10
minutes or more, the screen saver starts automatically to
reduce the brightness of the screen to prevent burn-in.
Variable picture adjustment functions
Auto chroma, phase and matrix adjustment functions are
Other features
• The color temperature is selectable from D65, D93 and
• Built-in test pattern for 100% white signal, 20% gray
signal, 0% black signal, PLUGE (Picture Line Up
Generation Equipment) signal, color-bar signal, 5 step
gray scale signal and ramp signal.
• Chroma Up function that increases the chroma setting by
12 dB.
• Blue only function and RGB cut off function to monitor
signal noise.
• A parallel remote of the contact point control connector
is equipped.


For external control
BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit
The BKM-16R is a controller of the BVM-F250A/F170A
and you can control multiple monitors from one controller.
In this manual, the BKM-16R is referred to as the
For installation
BKM-37H/BKM-38H Controller Attachment
Stand (for BVM-F250A only)
Used to join a BKM-16R and the BVM-F250A.
Using the BKM-37H, you can adjust the monitor angle up
or down.
BKM-39H Controller Attachment Stand (for
BVM-F170A only)
Used to join a BKM-16R and the BVM-F170A.
SMF-700 Monitor Interface Cable
Used to connect the BVM-F250A/F170A to the BKM-
Input adaptors
The input connector panel is composed by installing the
optional input adaptor into the input option port on the
monitor. Up to four adaptors can be installed to the
The input signal type for each connector of the adaptor is
set with the Channel Configuration menu, in accordance
with the configuration of the connector panel.
When installing the adaptor, be sure to perform the
necessary input signal setup with the Channel
Configuration menu. If the setup is not performed, the
adaptors may not function correctly.
For information about the Channel Configuration menu,
see page 55.
For details of each input adaptor, refer to the operating
instructions of each model.
BKM-220D SDI 4:2:2 Input Adaptor
Includes a decoder for serial digital signals (525/625
component). Input/output connectors for two serial digital
channels and output connector for one monitor channel are


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