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Entering The Channel Number; Aborting Menu Operation - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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When you press the UP button or turn the PHASE knob
clockwise, the characters and symbols appear in the
sequence shown below.
Capital letters (A t B t ....... t Y t Z) t Lower-
case letters (a t b t ....... t y t z) t Numbers (0
t 1 t ....... t 8 t 9) t Marks t Capital
When you press the DOWN button or turn the PHASE
knob counterclockwise, the characters and symbols
appear in the reverse sequence described above.
The usable symbols are limited depending on the
"(space)" is not used as a first character of a sentence.
Press the ENTER or Ent button.
The selected character is entered.
Display example
iiChannel Name
New Name
Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the characters are entered,
then press the ENTER or Ent button.
The selected characters are confirmed and the display
returns to the menu of the upper level.
To correct the entered character
Press the Del button. The character on the left side of the
cursor is deleted.

Entering the Channel Number

When selecting a one-digit number, press the button of the
channel number.
When selecting a two-digit number, first press the 0 button,
then press a two-digit channel number.
Channel numbers 91 to 97 assignment
The signal systems to which the internal signal is displayed
are assigned to channel numbers 91 to 97. The internal
signal of the last signal system is displayed.
091: PLUGE signal
092: 20% gray signal
093: 100% white signal
094: Five-step gray scale signal
095: Ramp signal
096: color-bar signal
097: 0% black signal
To cancel the internal signal, select one from the channel
numbers 1 to 30.
You cannot select channel numbers 91 to 97 in the
following cases:
• When the computer signal of HDMI/DisplayPort is input
• When Side by Side is set to On
• When Pixel Zoom is set to on

Aborting Menu Operation

Press the MENU button. The menu of the upper level is
When the MENU button is pressed in setting mode or
during adjustment, the menu returns to the previous setting.
The menu disappears automatically if not operated for
about one minute.
Basic Menu Operations


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