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Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual Page 21

Professional video monitor.
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Pin number
Sets input signal channel 1 (numeric
keypad function).
Sets input signal channel 2 (numeric
keypad function).
Selects sync signal (SYNC button
Selects whether monochrome image is
displayed or the monitor switches the
display mode automatically between color
image and monochrome image
depending on the input signal (MONO
button function).
Marker (set in the Marker Setting menu)
On/Off (MARKER button function).
6, 7
Not connected
Tally lamp On/Off
All pin function assignments can be changed with the
Parallel Remote menu (page 73) of the System
Configuration menu.
To switch each function between On and Off or between
enable and disable, change pin connections in the
following way.
On or enabled: Short each pin and pin 9 together.
Off or disabled: Leave each pin open.
SDI INPUT 1 connector
Inputs serial digital signals (standard SDI input 1).
SDI INPUT 2 connector
Inputs serial digital signals (standard SDI input 2).
MONITOR OUT connector
This is the MONITOR OUT connector for SDI INPUT 1 or
SDI INPUT 2 connector.
The signal from this MONITOR OUT connector does not
satisfy the ON-LINE signal specifications.
i HDMI IN connector
Inputs the HDMI signal.
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an
interface that supports both video and audio on a single
digital connection, allowing you to display high quality
digital picture. The HDMI specification supports HDCP
(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), a copy
protection technology that incorporates coding technology
for digital video signals.
• The HDMI audio signal is not available for this monitor.
• Use HDMI compliant cable (optional), Category 2 (High
Speed HDMI Cable), with HDMI logo.
j DisplayPort input connector
Inputs the DisplayPort signal.
DisplayPort is an interface developed by VESA that
supports transfer of both video and audio digital signals on
a single cable.
It also supports HDCP, a copy protection technology that
incorporates coding technology for digital video signals.
This monitor does not support DisplayPort audio signals.
k Input option ports
Used to install the optional input adaptors.
For installing the input adaptor, see page 25.
For the input signals, see "Input/Output Connectors and
Input Adaptors" on page 13.
Location and Function of Parts (BVM-F170A)


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